About Us

Welcome visitors!

If you’ve clicked on the link that brought you here. You were in no doubt interested in getting to know us a bit more! Along with what we are all about.

So, lets us start with introductions! We are, “Phyersoft”! A small, yet growing game developer. Comprised of like-minded individuals. Who desire making and delivering very engaging games with entertaining yet challenging content!

Phyersoft was born from the ideas of Mike Poole. An indie comic artist. Who wanted to look into other platforms to tell stories. And allow the viewer a chance to interact And become more immersed in them.

Right now we are putting our 1st foot forward towards this goal. With our 1st game. And we will continue forth to keep bringing you guys more stories. More characters. And a whole lot more experiences! All powered by our own in-house engine. “Phuel”!

phyersoftlogofull-fadedMike Poole
aka phyerboss
Company Owner. Project Lead & Director. Concepts & Design. Writer, Illustrator. And all around handy man.

Gaming is the right of every sentient being

phyersoftlogofull-fadedDwayne Madison
aka dm404
Lead Graphic Artist. Specializes in illustrations, advertisements, and logo design. Does pixel graphics for Phyersoft. Founder of Dm404 Studios.

Dat’s wicked good!

phyersoftlogofull-fadedBryce Meyer
aka bjm904
Website and services management, systems administrator, lead programmer for projects Phyernet and Sparkade. Lead programmer and partner at Fey Creative Game Studio.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

phyersoftlogofull-fadedVille Nurmi

Lead programmer for projects Barricade and Phuel

Can it be implemented? Everything can! But it might take a while…

phyersoftlogofull-fadedBen (Bryce) Bias

Coding for projects Barricade, Phuel and Openrealms.

Hi mom!

phyersoftlogofull-fadedSteven Hopkins

The composer for Barricade’s soundtrack. He also provides the sound effects for all projects.

Hi mom!

phyersoftlogofull-fadedMoses Williams III

Project Manager and Marketing consultant.

I build forts and save kittens from trees