On the small mechanical world of “CyBotia”. A race of self-aware robots are currently participating in a much beloved major sporting event called the “The “Block-Buster Tournament”.

The “BBT” is a sporting event that dates back to the great war. When both opposing forces utilized a complex forcefield technology that created energy based walls. These walls could be materialized anywhere and consisted of block shaped sections that were of varying frequency ranges.

What was once a means to breaking through an enemy’s defenses. Has now become a world-wide past time. But all that is merely what lies on the surface. Using the BBT as a cover. The insidious group known as “Black Cog” is using all its resources to uncover 3 ancient artifacts. Which they plan to use to reawaken an ancient terror that could grant them the power to take over the world!


Barricade is a 2.5D game done in a pixelated 16-bit style. That is reminiscent of older arcade puzzle titles. The game will be playable for 1-2 players. Via local or online. And will provide a host of features and gameplay modes. Complete with a storyline and unlockable content!

Barricade is a color matching styled game. Where the game’s main objective. Is to try to remove all the multi-colored blocks on the field. By hitting them with bullets of the same color! However, there is a “charge” meter the player must pay heed to. For if it goes empty. The game is over!

So players must be able to destroy blocks quickly enough to keep the meter filled. Or adopt crafty scoring techniques. That can yield the player very high scores. Which can be displayed on an online leaderboard!


-High quality 2D graphics with a few 3D effects
–Single player Arcade story mode
-Offline/Online Vs & CoOp modes with online matchmaking
-Online leaderboards displaying scores and rankings
-USB gamepad support with forced feedback
-Unlockable content & Achievement system
-And an awesome original soundtrack!